A Perfect Tour Plus Experience

For those who like their family vacation in style. For those who like to indulge in their vacation with meals from the best chefs. For those who like entertainment and culture at the highest level and hotels where every item is carefully selected; we welcome you to join the Tour Plus experience.

A luxurious and meticulously designed hotel
Whether you chose a vacation in the north of Israel, in Jerusalem or the center, and perhaps even in classical and beautiful Europe; you are assured that your holiday with Tour Plus will be an experience that the whole family will enjoy, and will remember for many years to come.

Because we have experience in orthodox Jewish tourism and we think about the details. The hotels that we choose are the best hotels in their fields: in their spa and sports complexes; in their spectacular scenery; their dining rooms and spacious and luxurious halls.

And of course in the guest rooms where the best designers have worked – to ensure a pampering stay – from the comfortable mattress, through the relaxing bath to the carefully decorated furniture.

A culinary celebration with all the pluses
The Tour Plus experience comes with the best chefs. Our meals include a wide variety of delicacies. From excellent traditional Jewish meals to international cuisine; With touches of magic and surprise and wonderful flavors.

Of course, we make sure that selected confectioner will work in our kitchens — cakes and pastries with flavors and combinations that bring each dessert to indescribable levels. Moreover, our supervisors do a meticulous work around the clock – to ensure the highest quality kosher Mehadrin celebration.

We love to pamper our guests with great meals throughout the week. However, when Shabbat is coming … then, a culinary celebration awaits you that do not shame the most prestigious restaurants in the world — feast with fragrances, flavors and creative designs that open your appetite and expand your heart and soul.

Culture & Knowledge at the highest level
The Tour Plus experience invites the best hazzans, comedians, and rabbis. It is important to us that in addition to the delicacies and other luxuries, you will receive culture and Torah lessons that broaden your mind and strengthen your family ties.

That is why during our vacations there are classes and lectures suitable for the whole family, or issues specific to women and men; All the way from performances, through creativity and learning in a variety of fields, lectures, classes and more.

Moreover, the sweet kids also get to watch shows, play with instructors in playgrounds, and do artwork suitable for the spirit of holidays and times of the year. And, in particular, allowing the parents – to rest.