Kosher ski in Villars

Ski, Luxury and … Kosher

Outside: breathtaking view. Ski tracks for all ages and all levels. A magical ride on the train in the white snow. Bicycles, jeeps, buggy. “Climbing” to the glacier. Guided tours on selected dates in one of the most beautiful areas of the Alps.

Inside: Pampering rooms in a luxurious hotel built in 1914, and has not stopped improving since.  Heated pool and gym. Spa and sauna. Kosher food in an opulent dining room – with huge windows and spectacular views. A spacious synagogue. Children’s Activities. Shows and lessons for adults on selected dates. And so much more.

What do you need to do? Just rest. Or hike and ski down the slopes of the mountain. And then, come and indulge in the hotel, and do nothing – because we arrange everything for you!

This fantastic combination of vacation abroad – which includes guided tours on selected dates and especially skiing, in a kosher hotel from A to Z – where we take care of everything you need – is a rare opportunity. With more than 20 years of experience and deep understanding of world tourism, we have managed to take one of the oldest hotels in the coveted Villars ski area and turn it into a kosher experience for the religious and ultra-Orthodox public.

The town of Villars
Villars is a tiny town in the dreamy Swiss Alps, northeast of Lake Geneva. The place looks as if it had been taken from a painting. Large forests that surround vast meadows; which in the summer are green with a variety of colorful flowers, and in the winter they cover with a layer of soft and pleasant snow. The animals of the region come to glimpse from time to time at the people who visit the picturesque town, merging with the tranquility of creation and the laughter and joy of the children.

Villars Palace Hotel
The Villars Palace Hotel, situated in the heart of the town, is the highlight of all the splendor of the surrounding landscape. It was built in 1914, and in 1938 it was chosen as one of the best resorts in Europe; since then it has maintained its reputation. Moreover, into all this, we add our touches – because we know what the religious and ultra-Orthodox public needs – when they go on holiday.

We invite you to join us – for skiing or snowboarding – in the various tracks appropriate for all levels. Take a walk in the beautiful Swiss Alps area. Eat excellent kosher food, and indulge in the elegant rooms of the hotel. And you can even spice it all up by jumping into a heated pool or entering a hot sauna – where everything around is snowy and white. Just perfect!