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The vacation that travels with you

Cruise Plus

Italy | France | Spain

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the best of both worlds? To have their cake and eat it, too?

Wouldn’t you love to plan a vacation without having to settle on one particular destination, without having to choose if to go for Italian style or Spanish tranquility and in fact – without giving up anything at all?

It turns out that we are like that too – so we decided to invite you for an extraordinary experience that allows you to sample all the treasures along the coast of Europe – from Chivita and Kia, through the Italian and French Riviera to enchanting Barcelona.

At Cruise Plus, Tour Plus’s high standards of hospitality meet with a feast for the senses on the water from CruiseTour, in an upscale atmosphere and never-ending attractions. Together we will embark on an unforgettable tour of the Mediterranean and discover architectural gems, ancient and modern art, splendid palaces and spectacular natural phenomena. It’s time for a vacation that wraps you up 24/7!

A Sea of Splendor


The MSC Seaview is a brand-new modern ship that was launched in 2017. On board you can enjoy many happy hours exploring her many bars, clubs, casino, spa complex,  gym with state-of-the-art  equipment and five pools. Countless activities await you on deck each day and night; workshops and classes in many areas such as photography, art, dance and more. On the ship you will also find a gallery, a quality chocolate shop, and various duty-free shops. Performances with live bands, classical concerts, Broadway-inspired shows in 2 different theaters and many more good things await you on board.

Pools and rides

Bowling Alley

Giant pampering spa


A Core of Impeccable Hosting and Kashrut

A culinary Celebration

During your stay on the ship, you will enjoy a tantalizing gastronomic experience, with gourmet meals by International chefs and confectioners. The richness of flavors and aromas, elegant plating and an endless selection of delicacies will make any meal a sweet memory for life. Tour Plus’s world-famous pancakes will also be waiting for you there…

There is a separate dedicated restaurant and kitchen for the use of Tour Plus guests.

Full Board


Private Chef and Kosher Supervisor

Never a dull moment with Tour Plus

What’s on the route?

Thursday | Cannes, France

We anchor in Cannes and board a tourist train – visit Antibes Old Town - and a visit to a perfume factory in Grass (French Riviera)

We will visit Cannes, see the Palais des Festivals, enjoy the marina and promenade and tour the city’s elegant pedestrian area. We will board the tourist train “The Little Train” which will take us for a tour of Cannes’ winding streets and most importantly take us to the old town which sits on a hill overlooking the bay in all its glory. We will continue to Antibes, which has been around from the times of the Greeks and Romans, enter the ancient walls and visit the Old City.

Arrival: 8:30 am
Departure time: 5:30 pm

Friday | Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Balearic Islands - Palma de Mallorca


Arrival: 13:00
Departure time: 22:30

Saturday | Barcelona, ​​Spain

Oh Barcelona, ​​Barcelona

Today we enjoy the ship’s facilities, beautifully arranged Shabbat prayers and of course sumptuous traditional Shabbat meals.

Arrival: 07:00
Departure time: 18:00

Sunday | Ajaccio, France

Ajaxio (Corsica)

We will spend the day in the city of Ajaxio, the largest city in western Corsica and the traditional rival of Bastia in the north. It is a large city; whose trademark is the stretch of pastel yellow houses and  impressive palm tree avenue which line the coast and which welcome the view of those coming in from the sea. We will tour the streets and alleys of the Old City and the picturesque old harbor, visit the Pesch Museum which holds the most important collection of Italian paintings in France after the Louvre. There are 15th-century paintings by Jacopo Salzou, Lorenzo de Cardi, Bellini (“Maria with the child Jesus”) and Botticelli as well as impressive 16th-century works of Veronese and Titian.

Arrival: 12:00
Departure time: 19:00

Monday | Genoa, Italy

Italian Riviera - Portofino - Genoa

On this day we will dock in the city of Genoa, the capital of Liguria. Our tour will introduce us to the Italian Riviera’s special beauty. We will drive to Santa Margherita Ligure, from where we will sail to the nearby fishing village – Portofino, which is said to be one of the most charming villages in the world. In town we can spend time in the small square watching the luxury yachts sailing into the harbor or wander past the designer boutiques that dot the square.

Arrival: 07:00
Departure time: 18:00

Tuesday | La Spezia, Italy

Docking in La Spezia - a trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the picturesque town of Lucca

Once driving into Pisa we will visit the Campo dei Miracoli– ‘Field of Miracles’: we will see the world-famous leaning tower of Pisa, as well as the Campo Santo and the impressive gravestones it is famous for. In the local baths we will see the artworks of Tommaso Pisano, admire the acoustics of the place and of course we will also visit his impressive Piazza del Duomo. We will continue to the city of Lucca and we will lose ourselves exploring its winding streets.

Arrival: 07:00
Departure time: 19:00

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Full Board


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