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The Greek Island of Crete

Crete is the largest of all the Greek Islands and is made up of breathtaking rocky canyons, mountains, springs , olive groves, huge vineyards and rich vegetation. The uniqueness of the island is the wonderful combination it offers to its visitors: rich archeological sites, vibrant and romantic cities, alongside unique and impressive natural phenomena.

As in all of Greece, you will discover authentic villages, friendly, welcoming locals who live their daily life in charming Greek modesty. Throughout Crete you will also find important ancient archeological sites, that teach us about the fascinating history of the Island.

Although many of the travelers to Crete come here for a vacation and a lazy beach holiday, it is worth discovering that there is far beyond that. Greece and its Islands are the ideal destination for those looking for the combination – a great base from which to venture on days out hiking, touring, drinking in the rich history and culture combined with endless stretches of idyllic beaches.

Crete, like Andros Island and the Pelion Peninsula, tops the list of destinations for white sandy beaches, and clear azure stretches of water, star tours, spectacular views, beautiful hiking trails, picturesque villages and historical sites… What more could you need?

The Lap of Luxury

Avra Imperial Hotel


A unique resort in an ideal location in western Crete that offers tranquil luxury along with sheer enjoyment on an exotic beach surrounded by palm trees, landscaped gardens and lots of water  . The resort is within driving distance of the airport and the city of Chania, a Venetian-style port known as the most beautiful city in Crete. It is the capital of the western province with rich archaeological sites, a restored synagogue, azure beaches and impressive natural resources.

  • 4 huge outdoor pools that overlook the sea including a seawater pool, indoor heated pools at the spa and a children’s pool.
  • A palatial and luxurious spa featuring a heated indoor pool, dry and wet saunas, hot tubs, hammam and treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art well-equipped gym and tennis courts.
  • A variety of sporting activities: water sports, scuba diving, pedal boats, banana boats, jeeps, fishing and more (for an additional charge).
  • A lively kids club with a variety of fun activities, entertaining and responsible counsellors and great content throughout the day.

Giant Pools

Games level

Luxurious Spa


Kids Club

Accommodation and kashrut

A Culinary Celebration

Enjoy a whirlwind gastronomic experience throughout your stay with gourmet meals by international chefs and pastry chefs. The richness of flavors and aromas, elegant plating and endless choice will make every meal a happy memory. Tour Plus’s world-famous pancakes will also be waiting for you there…

Our team of chefs and pastry chefs have prepared a very rich menu for you. At mealtimes, you will enjoy a plethora of dishes made from only the finest ingredients. During Yom Tov and Shabbat meals we will be honored to present you with classics from the full diversity of the Jewish kitchen that will remind you of the taste of home.

Full Board + light refreshments

Under the Supervision of Reb Nechemia Rottenberg Shlita

Glatt Mehadrin, Non-Gebroks, Shmura Matzah

Open and diverse Drinks Bar

Never a dull moment with Tour Plus

Schedule of Excursions

Friday | 10.4.20

Chania - Old Town, Port, Central Market and Ancient Synagogue

Today we will tour the city of Chania, located along the northwest coast of Crete. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Crete and is characterized by its special Venetian style. Take a tour of the ancient city surrounded by the remains of a Venetian wall, and stroll through Eleftherios Venizelos Central Square visiting the restored ancient port which is by far the most popular and charming area in the city. Live the sights, sounds and smells of the heart of this ancient city centre.

Start time: 10:00, estimated return time: 14:30
Adult Price: 40 € / Price per Child: 35 €

Sunday | 12.4.20

The village of Spili, the village of Margarites and the town of Rethymnon

Today we will visit the island’s central area. We will begin with Spili, which is a small lively village nestled among the nearby hills. It is a water-rich village and is always green. The village contains 7  incredible  fountains, the most spectacular being the Venetian Fountain, which consists of 19 lionhead spouts, from which cool drinking water flows directly from the mountains. We will continue to the village of Margarites, also called the Pottery Village, as it houses many workshops, which specialize in the preparation of tools and pottery. We will stroll through the village and observe the unique craftsmanship. After taking a break for lunch we will continue on to Rethymnon, the third largest city in Crete. The city has many years of history and a vibrant a tourist strip. We will walk around the Old City, and experience the picturesque Venetian Ottoman Quarter with its narrow, winding alleys and ancient buildings of colorful and varied facades.

Start time: 10:00, estimated return time: 18:30
Adult Price: 45 € / Price per Child: 40 €

Monday | 13.4.20

Kissamos Bay, Gramvousa Island and Balos Beach

Today we will travel to the northwest corner of Crete. We will experience first-hand the beautiful and raw landscape, deep blue water, golden sands and tiny villages. The main town in the area is Kissamos, from where we will embark on a day of cruising in the Gulf of Kissamos. We will take an hour-long sail to Gramvousa Island to a stunning backdrop of steep cliffs, secluded beaches and endless blue. We will have the opportunity to see a famous large cave between the rocks previously thought to be an ancient shipyard. We will reach the island and enjoy a light hike for about 20 minutes to a Venetian castle that sits at the highest point of the island. We will continue on a cruise towards Balos Beach which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and by far the most spectacular in Crete. Shallow turquoise waters like a lagoon separate the coast from the sea. During the migratory periods you will encounter here many bird species that cannot be found anywhere else. For this reason and because of the natural beauty of the area, the beach is protected internationally. We will conclude the day sailing back to Kisamos.

Start time: 10:00, estimated return time: 18:30
Adult Price: 45 € / Price per Child: 40 €

Tuesday | 14.4.20

On this day you can choose between two attractive destinations

Option A – Family train tour

The train will pick us up directly from the hotel entrance. We begin the first part of our relaxing journey by traveling through the lively village of Platanias. We will continue south west along the picturesque riverbank. We will travel through the orchard valley to reach one of the most beautiful landmarks in Crete, Lake Agia. A unique coexistence of flora and fauna. Then we will continue a short distance to the orchards nearby to breathe in the heady citrus scents and pick oranges to take with us.

Option B – Lake Cornas and the village of Argiropolis

A day of nature and water. We begin the day by visiting Kournas Lake, the only freshwater lake in all of Crete and known as the “Hidden Lake” because of its special location, in a secret green valley surrounded by mountains and hills. We will spend the morning on a relaxed hike around the lake. From there we will continue to the village of Argyroupolis. There you can admire the myriad small waterfalls that irrigate the rich vegetation that surrounds the many tavernas in the area.

Start time: 10:00, estimated return time: 14:30
Adult Price: 40 € / Price per Child: 35 €

Room Options

Deluxe Room + Shared Pool

Deluxe Room + Private Pool

Deluxe Room + Sea/Pool View

Deluxe Room + Garden View

Family Room

Superior Room + Private pool



Flights not included

(Additional fee)


(Additional fee)

Full Board

Superior Kosher Supervision

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Select the date that suits you Starting from 13,980 shekels 9 Nights 7-16/04/2020

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