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Wild Landscapes, rich flavors and vibrant colors on a magical tour

The Magic of Morocco

How far would you go to discover a new and exotic destination? And how far would you travel to discover a surprising new world? In the summer of 2020, we decided to take you as far as possible – a sensational journey among the ancient Royal Cities, humble Casbas and the majestic Atlas Mountains.

Here, in Morocco, you will experience all these treasures: vast palaces and monuments to ancient times, a wild countryside untouched by modernity, tastes and fragrances that can be found nowhere else in the world and of course – an instant acquaintance with magnificent and historic Moroccan Jewry.

For the first time ever Tour Plus invites you this summer to connect with Morocco’s unique landscapes and colors. Come discover a beautiful country, experience the authentic flavors and aromas, marvel at the charms of the Moroccan wilderness and march in the footsteps of our glorious Moroccan ancestors.

Ready? Come on! Let us take you to a distant land…

A Core of Impeccable Hosting and Kashrut

Looking after you every step of the way

Throughout the journey, we will stay in hotels of 4-5 stars, based on half board accommodation (including packed sandwiches for lunch during trips). All meals are kosher, under the supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Morocco. Travelling will be done in modern, air-conditioned and comfortable buses with Israeli guides from the Tour Plus team.

So you can forget it all, we have thought of everything – including securing you a visa to Morocco and regular flights throughout Europe.


Under the Supervision of Rabbi Menachem Ben Dahan

Glatt Kosher Mehadrin under the Casablanca Beis Din

From the Treasures of Islam to a lively street party

The Journey Plan

Day 1

From Tel Aviv to Casablanca (الدار البيضاء)

After gathering at the airport and obtaining visas, we will take off towards Casablanca – Morocco’s economic and commercial capital. Upon arrival, we will take a panoramic tour of the city’s major sites: The Anfe Quarter, the Mosque of Hassan II – which is one of the world’s largest and most magnificent.

We will pass through the biggest promenade in Africa (13 miles away!) And continue to Pigeon Square and UN Square. We will spend a memorable night in Casablanca.

Day 2

From Casablanca via Rabat and from Mekness to Fes(الرباط)

We will drive towards the Austrian border. We will reach the magical town of Samnaun. It is a Swiss town located in the border of Italy, Switzerland and Austria. We will cross the border into Austria towards the town of Ischgl, with an elaborate system of five cable cars belonging to the impressive ski resort that spans these two towns, right on the border between Austria and Switzerland. From there, a beautiful road that forms part of the Silverta Pass descends to Landeck, which is a major cultural hub of the Tirol region. It is located at a junction between wooded peaks and bordering the Inn (inn). After a tour of the town we will cross the border back to Switzerland and return to our hotel.

Day 3

Fez (فاس)

After breakfast, we will tour the religious and cultural capital of Fes which was established in the Eighth Century. We will visit “Malach” – the ancient Jewish quarter and the cemetery and visit the home of the “Great Eagle” – Maimonides, who lived in this city for several years. We will continue to the King’s Palace plaza and from there explored the streets and alleyways of the city, becoming acquainted with artisans that are almost extinct today in the modern world: paint makers, blacksmiths, tanners and more. After arriving at the hotel, freshening up and having dinner, we will head to a “Chafla” – a traditional wedding that includes tea, drinks and lots of joy!

Day 4

Ipran to Beni Malal (بني ملال)

Early in the morning we will leave Fes and head for the Alpine town of Ifran, known as the “Switzerland of Morocco”. The town is nestled among lakes and forests of cedar, fir and oak and boasts a huge lion statue. After a panoramic tour of the town we will continue to the towns of Azro and Kasbah Tadla, visit the springs of Ein Asardon and the beautiful gardens next to it. We will end the day on the shores of a lake at the hotel “Al-Alwydan”, where we will settle down to dinner and retire for the night.

Day 5

Bin Al-Vidan and Marrakech (بين الفدان)

After breakfast, we will head towards the magnificent “Bin Al-Vidan” lake and its large dam, which is guarded by the Moroccan Army 24 hours a day. The magnitude of the water and the sheer size of the dam is difficult to describe … From there we will continue to the city of Ojud and its huge waterfalls, which fall from a height of more than 100 meters! After the tour and a short break, we will continue towards Marrakech – the beautiful city at the foot of the Atlas that has many names: “The Red City”, “Pearl of the South” and more … Your first encounter with Marrakech will be nothing short of breathtaking! When we arrive, we will visit the “El Menara” gardens, on the of the Kotobia Mosque Square and continue to the hotel for a rest and dinner. After dinner we will be treated to a night of barbaric folklore and watch “Ali’s Fantasy”.

Day 6

Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains (جبال الأطلس)

It’s time for a walk on the wild side! Our day will be spent strolling through the spectacular views of the fortified Atlas Mountains and the fertile Ureka Valley at their feet. The journey that begins in the mountains will end at the “Sethi Fatma” reserve located at the edge of the valley, on the banks of the Urika River. From there we will continue to Marrakech, but not before stopping to visit a typical barbary house and meeting the surviving tribesmen living as removed from civilization as they had centuries ago. Upon returning to Marrakech, we will travel to the city center, tour the colorful markets, visited a barbary pharmacy and proceeded to the Jewish points of interest – the Malah and the Salat Azza Synagogue. Our tour will continue to the Majoral Gardens and the Gema Alpena Square where various market booths are located: fortune-tellers, snake charmers, storytellers, sorcerers and magicians, and of course food stalls selling heavily spiced Moroccan street food. We will then proceed to the hotel, to get ready for Shabbat.

Day 7

Marrakech (مراكش)

Throughout the Shabbat we will enjoy uplifting prayers in a unique atmosphere and sumptuous meals in elegant settings. In the afternoon, there will be plenty of free time to explore on foot the many captivating sites of the city. After Havdalah and the Melva Malka dinner, we will take a horse and carriage ride followed by a nocturnal tour of Jeme Alpena Square, which is a lively and bustling center of entertainment even in the wee hours of the night.  

Day 8

From Marrakech to Tel Aviv

After breakfast and packing up at the hotel and depending on the time available, we will take a final tour of the city and visit the local market. From there we will return to the hotel, collect our luggage and be on our way back home.



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