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The Height of Luxury

Ye’arim Hotel

At the top of one of the highest peaks in the Jerusalem Mountains is Ye’arim Hotel, surrounded by Nature’s magnificence.

The Ya’arim Hotel, adjacent to Kibbutz Ma’ale Hamisha, stands at the summit of a grand mountain and is surrounded entirely by breathtaking views of the Judean Mountains and the forests of Jerusalem. To the east, Mount Adar, to the west, Wind Mountain, to the south, Abu Ghosh and Ein Nakufa.

Ye’arims rooms have been recently renovated and modernized. All are sleek, beautifully decorated and equipped to the highest standards to ensure a luxurious and enjoyable vacation. The hotel offers spectacular views and an large and exclusive private garden overlooking an endless green landscape.

In the hotel:

  • Guests of the hotel will be able to attend private chef workshops (when taking place), take a guided tour of the kibbutz and enjoy a host of other attractions in the area.
  • The hotel Spa has many luxurious treatment options, in an original Israeli countryside atmosphere.

Cooking Worshops

Quad bike tours

additional fee

Spa Treatments

Breathtaking Views

A Core of Impeccable Hosting and Kashrut

A Culinary Celebration

Enjoy a whirlwind gastronomic experience throughout your stay with gourmet meals by international chefs and confectioners. The richness of flavors and aromas, elegant plating and endless choice will make every meal a happy memory. Tour Plus’s world-famous pancakes will also be waiting for you there…

There is a coffee room open throughout the day and night, where you can sit for a break with a hot drink and a selection of fragrant pastries.

Half Board + Coffee and cake, Full Board on Shabbat and Yom Tov

Under the Supervision of Rav Mant

Glatt Kosher Mehadrin, Non-Gebroks, Shmura Matzah

Never a Dull Moment with Tour Plus

What’s on the Program?

Quad Bikes/ATVs

The hotel’s surroundings are ideal for field trips. Feel free to enjoy a taste of the terrain, adrenaline and spectacular views of the Jerusalem Mountains.
You can choose a variety of routes – a typical short route:
“A taste of the Field Track” – About an hour long, head west to Maaleh HaChamisha, through narrow trails and mountain tracks and great vantage points to Modiin and Tel Aviv. Trip will include a short stop to take pictures and a brief refreshment break before heading back to the hotel.

  • Special rates for hotel guests (payment at Reception).
  • Valid driver’s licenses must be presented.
  • When choosing clothing for the drive, conditions such as dust / mud should be taken into account

Bike rental for hotel guests

New! Bicycle rental for hotel guests
You are invited to go out and enjoy the enchanting views of the Jerusalem Mountains, the cool crisp mountain air and a little fitness on the way to make room for the next indulgent meal from Tour Plus. Who said you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds? A vacation that combines tranquility and adrenaline, activity and decadent indulgence, all surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Room Options

Delux - Shaked

Superior - Arava

Standard - Alon



Flights not included

(Additional fee)


(Additional fee)

Full Board


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