The greatest weekend you ever experienced!

13-16/01/2022 Shvat 5722, Shabbat Parashat Beshalach

Shabbat Shirah

Shabbat Shira and Hazzanut at Club Hotel Eilat

13-16/01/2022 Shvat 5722, Shabbat Parashat Beshalach

Tour Plus traditional Shabbat Shira and Chazzanut is back! With the greatest cantors and worldwide known singers.

We are happy to invite you to Tour Plus’s 24th  Shabbat Shira program in Eilat.

For the first time in Tour Plus, Shabbat Shira in Eilat with all the pluses

Unique programs, rich cuisine, luxurious hotel, high Kashrut and experience you will find only in Tour Plus

What is the plan?

A weekend full of content and singing accompanied by the world's greatest singers.

Thursday evening, international Hasidic singer Yaakov Shwekey, in a full and special performance for Tour Plus guests, hosts the chazzan Yitzhak Meir Helfgott for a unique duet.

Topicality Friday with journalist Amit Segal

Shabbat davenings with chazzan Yitzhak Meir Helfgott accompanied by the ‘Voices from Heaven’ choir conducted by Rafi Bitton

Motzai Shabbat, Melaveh Malka –  full performance with Avraham Fried accompanied by an orchestra under the musical direction of Yuval Stopel

5 stars hotel

Club Hotel Eilat Suites Hotel

The upgraded Club Hotel Eilat Suites Hotel provides guests with a high-level and meticulous service in the large and peaceful spaces of the hotel.

The experience at the hotel gives its guests enjoyment, joy, security and respect.

All suites are fully equipped for your comfort.

The hotel boasts a spectacular and high-quality spa. The biggest spa in Eilat

6 swimming pools for the guests’ convenience

The largest fitness club in Eilat

Short walking distance from the beach

Free parking lot for hotel guests

6 swimming pools for the guests' convenience

Short walking distance from the beach

The largest fitness club in Eilat

Free parking lot for hotel guests


Culinary for connoisseurs

Throughout your stay at the hotel, you will enjoy a gastronomic experience, with rich meals from the hands of the hotel chef.

The richness of flavors and aromas, the elegant serving and the endless selection will turn any meal into a sweet memory.

On Thursday, you’ll enjoy a welcome drinks and cakes when you arrive at the hotel, and a rich dinner

Friday – a spectacular Israeli breakfast and light lunch with the traditional Shabbat dishes

A luxurious Shabbat meal filled with all goodness

Shabbat – glorious Kiddush and breakfast

Shabbat meal with a full range of traditional delicacies

A rich Melaveh Malka meal

Sunday – Full Israeli breakfast

Kosher Glatt strictly under the supervision of Rabbi Eliyahu Rotenberg ‘Shemita for Humra’

שמיטה לחומרא

הרב אליהו רוטנברג

מגוון מטעמים

For on-line reservation only – 100 NIS discount

Option for up to 10 installments

Contact us without discount

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