Service Pact

Tour Plus is obligated to put its customers in top priority. To understand the customer’s needs, to meet their expectation and provide them professional and honest responses, while maintaining high standards of kind service full of dedication.

Tour Plus is obligated to lead the world of tourism and vacations among the religious community, while maintaining high standards of kind service full of dedication and attractive prices.

Tour Plus is obligated to offer its customers the largest, most updated variety in the fields of tourism, vacations and special events.

Tour Plus is obligated to offer the best deals and tour packages to its customers in order to ensure they receive the best value for their investment.

Reliability, excellence, innovativeness and equity are in the company’s top values. Out of our confidence with our ability to maintain and preserve this level, we promise to carry out all of our commitments in every field of operation.

Terms and warranty


Tour Plus Company (hereinafter: The Company and/or Tour Plus) is a company that organizes tour packages and provide tourism services using different service providers according to the details mentioned in the booking. Tour Plus is obligated to implement the booking with great dedication and expertise, to transfer all the relevant information of the deal and to confirm its compatibility to the customers’ requests. To be clarified, by law, Tour Plus will not be responsible of cases in which the company has no connection and/or part and/or ability to affect these bodies operations, and it is agreed that it is not responsible for any kinds of mishaps, errors, and delays (including strikes, holidays, weather, etc.), which may be caused for any reason that is not under the company’s control nor its clear ability to make changes, as well as due to the failure to execute and/or a partial execution and/or deficient execution of any service provided by the service providers and whoever is on behalf of them. Nonetheless, Tour Plus will give its customers the most dedicated, loyal service it can give, and assist them as much as it can with any question, clarification or mishap, nothing stated to diminish the customer’s right to apply to other courts and/or in any direct legal demand against the supplier.


An online booking to one or more of the tourism services offered by Tour Plus Company constitute the customer’s agreement to all the conditions and limitations that are detailed in this document. A user is able to purchase in the website as long as he/she: has an Israeli ID, over the age of 18 and owns a valid legal credit card.


When purchasing via the website products / services the buyer will be asked to enter data in the system of his/her own personal information and those of the other passengers. Tour Plus and whoever is behalf of the company are not in charge of a mistake made by the person who booked the reservation typing his personal details or whether the details of the purchase did not absorb in the system or any technical problem and/or other problem that prevents the person to make a booking. An additional payment is taken for changing the name of the traveler, after the payment of the reservation.

The website includes information by Tour Plus as well as information by third parties in which Tour Plus has no control nor supervision on. Tour Plus does not check the credibility of their information, nor its completeness and preciseness, and it will not take responsibility for any mismatching, lacking, misleading or an error that are included in this information. It should be emphasized that all the images that are founded in the website are made for illustration purposes only and are given to Tour Plus by third parties.  

Payment via credit card – terms of payment in the website:

  • In internal tourism- it is possible to pay via a credit card in three payments of shekels value with no interest.
  • In external tourism- it is possible to pay one debit of NIS value or two to three payments linked to the dollar/euro’s value  according to the transfer and checks exchange rate the day the credit company charges the bank. The website is secured using advanced encryption technology. The information entered by the buyer/ the person who reserves the booking on the website is confidential and will not be given by Tour Plus to third parties except those who are permitted to demand this information by any law. The person who pays for the booking via the website is order holder, even though he is not one of the passengers himself. Whenever the order holder who makes the booking is not included in the passengers’ list he/she should fill in his/her personal information on the booking screen in the Card Holder Details As stated above, a prerequisite for a purchasing confirmation in the website is receiving the payment confirmation by the credit company, in which the buyer had been obligated to. Tour Plus is not obligated to honor a deal that was made via the website as long as the payment confirmation by the credit company was not accepted for that deal. 
  • All orders placed online will be legally considered as if ordered from the various service renderers and according to their terms concerning payments and cancellation regulations.
  • An order / purchase that is done through the website, or services rendered by the website or the phone line, stands as the costumers consent to oblige by the terms and accordingly, the following terms must be read carefully and fully. It is solely the consumer’s responsibility to do so.
  • Prior to the confirmation of every order by the service provider, each order will be considered “pending” and so accordingly, the company will not charge the costumer until receiving phone or email confirmation from the service provider and relaying it to the costumer.
  • We are hereby clarifying that until the final confirmation is received, the price may change due to the service provider’s request, in which case the costumer will be offered the option to cancel their order free of charge. In case of a change in airport taxes, security costs, or any other additional fee from the time that the order is placed until the date services are provided – the difference will be returned to the costumer.
  • All information on the website concerning services offered is based on information received from the various service renderers. The company’s responsibility to the information is limited to the fact that the origin is the various suppliers offering their services for a fee.


  • For your information, you are responsible to purchase adequate insurance, according to your needs, including a policy for luggage and personal insurance. The policy will be purchased by the customer directly from the insurance company / agent. Tour Plus Company does not offer insurance policies and the sole responsibility for purchasing insurance policies is the customer’s personal responsibility alone.
  • You are to carefully read the policies terms. For your information, the existence of a policy does not enable you to automatically receive reimbursement from Tour Plus (including cancellation fees). In the case of a claim, you must contact the insurance company directly. You must apply for insurance before the beginning of the trip. We recommend insuring your luggage as well.
  • We recommend that each costumer purchase an insurance policy, with any insurance company he finds fit, so that he may insure himself and his luggage from any direct and collateral damage that may be caused during the trip as a result of an accident / robbery / violence / theft / loss of baggage and/or documents, such as plane tickets, passport, etc. (documents that if lost, may cause the costumer to miss parts of the trip). If the costumer does not purchase insurance, the responsibility for not doing so will be on the costumer alone, in order to cover expenses that are not included in the company’s responsibility based on international agreements and the general law.
  • We recommend that each traveler selects the insurance with the most coverage, including medical expenses such as hospitalization and other collateral damages that may occur to a traveler during a trip due to constraints that are not in his (or the tour company’s) control.

Passports and entrance permits (“Visa”) to foreign countries:

  • The costumer has the sole responsibility to be equipped with an Israeli passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure from Israel, as well as appropriate entrance permits (Visas). He must also let Tour Plus know if his passport is not an Israeli one.
  • The entrance to the various countries is based upon the passport that the traveller carries, and the law of the countries may vary from time to time.
  • The safekeeping and processing of the passport, the visas and all related documents are the responsibility of the passenger alone.
  • Customers who hold an Israeli “Teudat Maavar” must be equipped with adequate visas for all of the countries they wish to enter, unless they possess an additional passport (foreign country) with allows them entry without visas to the destination countries.
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to verify that there are no outstanding (legal) restrictions upon them to leave the country, as well as the validity of their passport and he has all the required paperwork and visas for the trip. In all cases, the company shall not be responsible for a costumer’s legal situation and any limitations that a costumer may have upon him.
  • According to the Ministry of Interior’s regulations, travelers in possession of an Israeli passport or an Israeli “Teudat Maavar” must make use of them to exit the country, even if they possess another foreign passport.
  • Customers who own a European passport – and fly to the United States of America – must sign up 72 hours before on the website of the USA immigration services. Not doing so will not be considered reason for a refund due to an unused airline ticket.
  • Those who possess a “Teudat Maavar” (visa transit) – must acquire an entrance permit to each destination. It’s the traveller’s personal responsibility to acquire entrance permits to all the countries he wishes to visit.
  • The travelers must declare if they possess foreign citizenships / visas / visa transit. The costumer must relay this information to the travel agent at the time of the order.

Tour Plus recommends to their customers to visit the foreign Ministry’s website.


  • Flights may be charted flights, and their information may change from time to time according to the requests of the various airline companies. Thus, even after the order is placed – the times, routes and airline companies may change.
  • The responsibility for delays, changes, cancellations, loss (or delays) of luggage are by law on the airline company according to the circumstances. The passenger should understand the flight information on the ticket and the general terms on the back of the ticket – as they are what bind the airline company / service provider.
  • The costumer has the responsibility to verify if changes have been made to the flight information both by checking the Israeli Airports Authority’s site as well as the airline company that he is to fly with. He shall leave contact information, so he may be reached in case of changes / updates by the airline company.
  • In case of any (special) request by the costumer, the request will be relayed to the service renderer or the airline company, yet they will not have to fulfill the request unless it is stated in writing.
  • When a special request that was included in an order relates to essential needs for a costumer due to special needs, an inquiry will be relayed to the service renderers or the airline company, and an answer will be given in writing about the request, before the order is finalized and confirmed.

Showing up for flights:

  • For your information, the airline companies requires the traveler to show up (check in) at the airport at least 3 hours before the departure time on the ticket in case of international flights, or 1.5 hours for domestic flights within Israel. This is required, due to security and logistical considerations. The duration of the security screening varies from time to time, in addition to differences based on the destination.
  • According to the regulation of the various airline companies, the limit of baggage that is allowed on the plane on international flights is 20 KG in checked luggage and 8 KG for carry-ons. In domestic flights in Israel, 10 KG in checked luggage and 5 KG for carry-ons. Low cost airlines have different baggage policies and the fees will be charged according to the company’s policy. The airline companies have the right to charge additional fees due to overweight luggage according to their predefined rates.
  • The airline company does not commit to transporting a traveler’s luggage on the same flight with him. If a traveler’s luggage is overweight, even if paid for accordingly, It still does not meant that the airline is obligated to transport the luggage on the same flight. In irregular situations like this, the airline company holds the responsibility that the luggage will arrive on a different flight.
  • In case of loss or damage to your luggage at your destination overseas, one muse refer to the office of the transport agent in the incoming flights hall and fill out a misplaced / damaged luggage form.
  • Pregnant women from week 24 and forward require a medical clearance note in English.
  • Ratification of a return flight – One must confirm their return flight 72 hours before the date of return, according to the airline ticket in your possession. It’s your responsibility to give a working phone number (where you are accessible at all times while overseas) or details of another means of communication (email as example) to the travel agent dealing with the trip or the airline company, in order to receive updates about the flight.
  • Children – The costumer must update the travel agent if he requests to include children in his trip. Any discount in price will be based upon the age of the child, according to the render of services.
  • Transportation from airport to hotel – If the package that the costumer purchased includes transportation from the airport to the hotel (and back on the return trip), the trip organizer will be responsible to fulfill this service. If the reason for not fulfilling the service is due to reasons related to the costumer, the trip organizer shall be exempt from any refund. 


  • There may be occurrences of overbooking, in which case the render of services and/or the hotel may have to change the hotel and/or service that was promised. In which case, the render of services shall relay the traveler to a hotel / service of a similar standard to what was ordered initially.
  • The rankings of the hotels are decided based on the local ministry of tourism in the destination country and cannot be compared to hotels in different countries.
  • In case of a problem that arises, please contact the local representative / Tour Plus agent / the hotel representative for assistance. Special or early reservations will be made based on room availability during the time of the trip. Any request of this nature will be relayed via Tour Plus to the relevant render of services. In case of a problem that arises, Tour Plus will act according to the accepted procedures.
  • The decision of which rom to place the traveler in is decided by the hotel alone. Tour Plus cannot commit to a specific type of room in any specific part or building of the hotel.
  • The responsibility of the quality of the facilities and services in the hotel (including air conditioning) lays only on the hotel and the render of the services.
  • Tour Plus cannot commit to adjacent rooms when more than one room is booked in a reservation. It solely depends on the hotel’s decision.
  • In any case of special requests, Tour Plus will relay the request to the service renderer or the hotel, yet this will not be a commitment to the traveler to fulfill the request, unless it was confirmed in writing. Any request of this type will be checked ahead of time with the service renderer, and the answer will be given to the traveler accordingly.
  • Check in to the rooms will be from 14:00, and rooms must be vacated until 11:00. This has no connection and does not depend on the time of the flights.
  • Hotels may offer additional services, such as sauna, gym, pay per view TV channels, room service, parking, internet and fax services, tennis courts, towels or umbrellas at the pool, massages and other similar services that are given for an additional fee. One must check with the hotel before using any service to understand if it costs an additional fee.
  • Some of the services offered by the hotel are based on season and are not offered during the whole year. Tour Plus will not be responsible for complaints if one or more of the services are not available, unless they relayed wrong / misleading information to the traveler or thy did not check a travelers inquiry about the issue ahead of time.
  • Tour Plus is not responsible for a case of harassment due to renovations or other construction in or adjacent to the hotel, as long as all knowledge known to Tour Plus at the time of the order was relayed to the costumer.
  • Any service that is not included in the original reservation is not a commitment by Tour Plus to provide the service or commit to its price. The amount of days of the vacation is based on the amount of nights in the hotel that is in the package and has nothing to do with the full amount of time that one will stay abroad (which is based on the flight dates in the vacation package).

Car Rental:

  • The renter must update Tour Plus if his age is below 25. In addition, the renter must bring an international credit card bearing his name, as well as his Israeli drivers license and an international driver’s license (both valid and with details that match the credit card and traveler information).
  • The renal company does not commit to providing a specific car. They commit to a car type / level.
  • Tour Plus is not responsible and will not pay for extra parking fees, even if they were not caused by the costumer (including delays and cancellations of flights).
  • The driving and traffic regulations of each country may be checked and viewed on the internet or at Memsi.


  • A reservation for a rom on the ship is for the lowest rated type of room on the ship, unless clearly stated on the reservation documents.
  • Most of the time, the rooms have a capacity of at least four people. The prices on the site are for one traveler in a room of this sort.
  • The dates of the cruise are the ones that are on the boarding passes for the ship, unless the agency relayed an updated document saying otherwise (that cancels all other documents).
  • The costumer must arrive at the reception in the port of departure at least 3 hours prior to the departure of the cruise.
  • The costumer must arrive equipped with an Israeli passport, valid for at least 6 months after the cruise, as well as all the documents required for departure from Israel and entrance to all the destination countries.
  • The optional tours that are offered on land are not related or included in the cruise, and are provided by local tourism companies. The duration of traveler’s time on land is not within the responsibility of the cruse renderer, as they are not responsible for any damage to travelers during this time.
  • The travelers must return to the ship at the exact time they were asked to.

Organized Trips:

  • The routes for the trips describe the sites that will be visited in the trip, yet not necessarily the order of the days and this visits. The description is made to generally describe the sites, yet not the order of the trip.
  • There may be changes to the sleeping arrangements, the tour and the sites visited, in at the discretion of Tour Plus in accordance with the service renderer or the tour guide, if any constraints may arise. We recommend that the travelers do not make specific or special plans that don’t have to do with the tour while touring in any of the destination countries.
  • The total amount of days of the trip include the departure and return dates based on the flights included on the organized trip. The costumer does not have to take part in all of the activities included on the trip, but is not entitled to any type of refund for choosing to do so.
  • The detailed trips are open for signup to the general public, without limitation on age, unless stated otherwise. The trip organizers do not commit that there be any type of match or commonality between the tourists on the trip (including ages) and they do not state any criteria for signing up for the trip.
  • Tour Plus does not commit to sleeping arrangements in the city centers, or in any place. The sleeping arrangements will be based on considerations of managing the trip. It may be required to make sleeping arrangements outside of the city, or in an adjacent city to the one detailed in the trips route.
  • In case of a special request, the request will be handled as mentioned above.
  • Any other rights and regulations detailed above will apply for organized trips as well, including terms of cancellations and changes.
  • Every traveler should verify his traveling documents, immediately after receiving them from his travel agent, to confirm that he has all the necessary documents (insurance, flight tickets, vouchers for the hotel and transportation, vouchers for car rentals), as well as verifying that the details match those of the order.

Charges and Cancellations:

  • It is each costumer responsibility to be aware of the cancellation fee for any product / service according to the terms of the service provider or those detailed below (see cancellation table).
  • Any charge made to a customer’s credit card in foreign currency, shall be done according to the value in NIS according to the Bank of Israel rate for transfers and checks on the day of the charge.
  • The prices of services offered and the numbers of places available are taken in real-time from the various service renderers and they change frequently. The price that will be finalized is the price at the time of the order, and due to confirmation from the various service renderers. For your information, refunds will be given based on the exchange rate for the specific deal in question.
  • All orders have cancellation or change fees that apply from the moment the order was confirmed by the service renderer. Thus, according to the prices of Tour Plus and/or the various service renderers. The prices vary depending on the product.

Cancellations and Changes:

  • Any costumer who purchases a service is eligible to cancel the transaction according to chapter 3 of the law of consumer protection (1981), from here on “the law”, within fourteen days from the date of the transaction or from the day when the related documents have been received (the later of the two), and with the condition that the cancellation is no later than seven business days before the service was supposed to be provided.
  • Cancellation of a transaction must be done in writing, via fax or by a direct messenger or email to the travel agent. In any case of cancellation, the costumer will be charged a fee that will not exceed 5 percent of the order or 100 NIS (the lower of the two), as long as the cancellation was not done as result of a defect or a discrepancy in the service, in which case no fee will be charged, in accordance with section 14E(A) to the law.
  • The fore mentioned about the right to cancel will not apply in case that he services (sleeping arrangements, flights, vacation, tourism, etc.) were to be rendered within seven business days (in accordance with section 14C (D) (2) of the law) of the transaction, in which case the cancellation fee shall be charged according to the rats of the airline companies, the hotel supplier, other service renderers and Tour Plus.
  • The regulations of changes are similar to those of cancelations – The customer has the responsibility to understand the rates in the table below or on the website, concerning the terms of service.
  • By law, any request for cancellation of the booking has to be in a written form, I addition it is the buyer’s duty to confirm that the agent received it.
  • Any booking with no specification of cancelation fees which is not in accordance with the consumer protection law and the cancellation fee is not mentioned, cancellation fees will be charged fully (100%), and a cancelling the reservation does not grant the right for any refund, except for port taxes and security tolls in which were paid while booking the flight tickets.
  • Any cancellation fee, excluding a cancellation in virtue of law, will be considered as agreed compensation according to the provisions of section 15 of the Contract Law (medicines), 1970.
  • Every change is considered as a cancellation unless it is specified differently by the service suppliers, after the booking confirmation and its execution any change is charged a fee.
  • Tour Plus is obligated to book the reservations professionally, to give the person wo makes the reservation all the information it has or had to know about the reserved services, to give the various service suppliers the relevant information of the deal and to confirm the booking. However, the company is not responsible to any unexpected mishaps and/or errors in the provided services ordered in practice and are not under its control, if those will apply on the service suppliers, unless the company knew about the same mishap or problem in advance, including special requests concerning the hotel and/or the airline company and/or the car rental company or any other service.
  • It should be mentioned that warranty for air transport is organized in the different treaties, according to the air transport services law, 1980. It is the passenger’s right to prosecute all or some of the service suppliers directly for damages caused due to an error made by those service suppliers.
  • The only local Jurisdiction in any case in which will claim to court against Tour Plus and/or whoever is on its behalf and/or third parties, will be claimed to courts only and particularly to a court that is located close to Petah Tikva city, where the company’s branch is located at. 


According to the instruction in section 19 in the statute of limitations, 1958, it is agreed by the person who makes the booking that he will not be entitled to submit any claim to court against the company and/or whoever is on its behalf that is relevant to the services he booked two years after the date of the booking. 

General cancellation fees:

Cancellation fees of hotels and tour packages in Israel

  • Cancelling up to 86 days before the accommodation – 300 NIS cancellation fees.
  • Cancelling 85 to 51 days before the accommodation – 15% of the deal’s value
  • Cancelling 69 to 50 days before the accommodation – 50% of the deal’s value
  • Cancelling 49 to 22 days before the accommodation – 75% of the deal’s value
  • Cancelling 21 days to the day of leaving – 100% of the deal’s value
  • Not showing in the hotel will charge – 100% of the value of the overall reservation, or according to the hotel’s policy.
  • In addition to the above cancellation fees an additional charge of 100 NIS per a room will be taken for handling fee.

Cancellation/ changing fees of tour packages abroad with charter flights

  • Cancellation fees are set by the different suppliers and it is the customer’s duty to take an interest with their rates.

Abroad cancellation fees according to the company’s policy when the person who made the booking is not compatible to the consumer protection law will be as follows:

  • Registration fees of 500 NIS per a person will not be refunded to the person who cancelled the deal regardless of the cancellation reasons.
  • A cancellation of up to 40 business days before the departure- 15% of the deal’s value.
  • A cancellation of 30 to 40 business days before the departure- 30% of the deal’s value.
  • A cancellation of 20 to 29 business days before the departure- 75% of the deal’s value.
  • A cancellation of 19 business days before the departure- 100% cancellation fees.
  • A flight ticket cancellation would be according to the regulations of the flight company (beyond the aforementioned).

It is clarified that the aforementioned information is not meant to harm any law command and/or provision of law nor the consumer protection law in particular. Furthermore, it is recommended to look at the website’s statute.