Our Destination

The Heart of Portugal

Who would have thought that one country could offer so much!

In Portugal, old and new worlds meet in harmony, city and nature, Jewish history and modernity. This beautiful country offers a wealth of possibilities for vacationing for any taste, and we get a taste of each: the lively touristy coastal cities, magnificent protected nature reserves and of course – the highlight of the trip: getting to know the Portuguese “Jewish roots” and experiencing the tears and longing of descendants the Annusim. Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable experience.

The perfect location of the hotel midway between Porto in the north and Lisbon in the south and its proximity to the freeway makes it the ideal starting point for trips in any direction.

About the hotel

Parque Serra da Lousã Hotel

A boutique hotel (less than 50 rooms) that offers an exemplary hospitality experience down to the smallest details: delicious Kosher meals prepared by international chefs and confectioners, treats and refreshments throughout the day, well-designed and peaceful seating areas, comfortable spacious rooms and a fancy lobby. Facilities at the hotel include an indoor pool, sauna and hot tub; a luxurious spa with a variety of health treatments; Turkish Hammam; a state-of-the-art well-equipped gym; Sports grounds and wide open grassy spaces.

Indoor Pool

Health Treatments

Pampering Spa

Turkish baths

A Core of Impeccable Hosting and Kashrut

A Culinary Celebration

Enjoy a whirlwind gastronomic experience throughout your stay with gourmet meals by international chefs and confectioners. The richness of flavors and aromas, elegant plating and endless choice will make every meal a happy memory. Tour Plus’s world-famous pancakes will also be waiting for you there…

There is a coffee room open throughout the day and night, where you can sit for a break with a hot drink and a selection of fragrant pastries.

Half-Board + All-day coffee and cake and Full Board on Shabbat

Under the Supervision of Rav Nechemiya Rottenberg


Enjoy every moment​

Our Trips​

Wednesday A trip to AVEIRO

Aviero, known as the “Venice of Portugal”. On Aviero it is written that it is similar to Venice, because of the one canal that crosses this cute town into two parts. We will tour the charming town sloping with canals with narrow boats decorated with colorful paintings. A perfect day to take a boat ride “moliceiros.” Then we will visit the Museum of Ceramics, one of the most important and special to create special ceramic vessels in Portugal. We will continue on our way to the Costa Nova neighborhood on the Atlantic coast

Thursday Trip to Porto

After breakfast we will leave for the city – Porto. The northern capital of Portugal. A port city that crosses the Douro River, over which several bridges stretch. The city developed as a city of commerce, a port of departure for the fine wines of northern Portugal and a vibrant economic and social hub, which operated extensive ties with Britain at the height of its economic power. We will cruise the Douro River, tour the town squares, the picturesque Riviera district which is at the foot of the Pont de du Luis bridge, the Sao Bento train station, the shopping areas around See de Santa Catarina, the amazing Sa Cathedral in its architecture and the Clarigos Tower, in the Palacio de Bolsa, one of the sites The main ones in the city and we will end with a visit to the magnificent Kadouri Synagogue in the city and we will return to the hotel

Friday Trip to COIMBRA

We will reach the beautiful Coimbra, the former Portuguese capital nestled on the banks of the Mondago River. We will visit the old university and if we succeed we will also enter its special library, which contains hundreds of thousands of volumes of manuscripts.

Sunday Excursion BELMONTE

We will drive north and visit the town of Belmonte where the descendants of the martyrs who returned to Judaism live. We will visit the Jewish Museum and hear the unique story of the Martians. We will tour the village and see the “sign language” engraved on the walls of the houses. We will visit the new synagogue and pray the opening prayer there. From here we will continue to a small and special village located in the mountains and we will see how the life of the Jewish community was conducted there in the past. We will visit a large and ancient mansion recently purchased by a local man who when he started clearing the area and discovering the remains found in the place, realized that he had actually found his past in the place.


נתחיל את יומנו בביקור בעיר טומאר. בעקבות גרוש ספרד הגיעו יהודים רבים לטומאר והפכו למיעוט משמעותי בעיר. בהיותם בעלי מלאכה וסוחרים הם העשירו את העיר בתחומי פעילות חדשים. יש החושבים שתרומתם הייתה משמעותית להצלחת המסחר עם המושבות החדשות. אולם כבר ב 1497- שונתה המדיניות והיהודים אולצו להמיר את דתם. רבים מהם המשיכו לחיות בזהות כפולה כאנוסים, אחרים הצליחו לעזוב את פורטוגל . ניכנס למרכז העיר ונבקר בבית הכנסת העתיק ביותר בפורטוגל. נמשיך בסיור בעיירה אובידוש, כפר עתיק עם סמטאות ציוריות מימי הביניים ומוקף חומה. נקנח בכפר הדייגים נאזרה, הצופה אל האוקיאנוס האטלנטי.We will start our diary with a visit to the city of Tomar. Following the expulsion from Spain, many Jews came to Tomar and became a significant minority in the city. Being artisans and merchants they enriched the city with new areas of activity. Some think their contribution was significant to the success of trade with the new colonies. However, as early as 1497, the policy was changed and the Jews were forced to convert. Many of them continued to live in dual identities as rapists, others managed to leave Portugal. We will enter the city center and visit the oldest synagogue in Portugal. We will continue our tour in the town of Ovid, an ancient village with picturesque medieval alleys and surrounded by a wall. We will stop at the fishing village of Nazara, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

Tuesday - Lisbon

We will load our luggage after breakfast, say goodbye to the hotel staff and drive to the capital of Portugal – Lisbon. Lisbon is located on the banks of the Tejo River. We will see the church of St. Jeronimo, built in the Manueline style, a symbol of Portugal’s golden age (we will continue to the monument to the discoverers of a monument symbolizing the voyages of discovery of America and Portugal’s contribution to humanity. We will walk through the alleys In the vibrant impressive squares of Commercio and Rossio, where Jews were brought to the stake by the Inquisition. To the ground

Special Notes

  • The order of the trips and the days of the week on which the trips will take place are at the sole discretion of the company.
  • The pricing of the trip package is for one person for four trips + a fifth trip bonus, this calculation allows any passenger interested in giving up one of the trip days and spend this day individually or dedicate it to rest or alternatively travel independently, please contact the guide for detailed and personal advice.
  • If you have for any reason decided to forgo a day trip please let the guide know in advance.
    The trips are conditional on a minimum number of participants.
  • When booking a travel package in advance there is no credit for trips that have not been used.
  • Please stock up on food and drink for the first day until you arrive at the hotel
    On the day of arrival and the day of departure transfer time and transfer route to the airport at the sole discretion of the company.
  • On the last day the rooms are vacated after breakfast (regardless of the flight / transfer time)
  • T.L.H.



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Full Board


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