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Crete is the largest of all the Greek Islands and is made up of white bays, olive groves, huge vineyards and rich vegetation. The uniqueness of the island is the wonderful combination it offers to its visitors: rich archeological sites, vibrant and romantic cities, alongside unique and impressive natural phenomena.

As in all of Greece, you will discover authentic villages, friendly, welcoming locals, white sandy beaches, and clear azure stretches of water. Throughout Crete you will also find important ancient archeological sites, that teach us about the fascinating history of the Island.

Although many of the travelers to Crete come here for a vacation and a lazy beach holiday, it is worth discovering that there is far beyond that. Greece and its Islands are the ideal destination for those looking for the combination – a great base from which to venture on days out hiking, touring, drinking in the rich history and culture combined with endless stretches of idyllic beaches.

Crete, like Andros Island and the Pelion Peninsula, tops the list of destinations for perfect beaches,  tours, spectacular views, beautiful hiking trails, picturesque villages and historical sites… What more could you need?

The Ultimate Splendor

Hotel Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort

An architectural work of art by the sea

The elegant and opulent  Amirandes complex was inaugurated less than a decade ago and showcases a new level of luxury and exclusivity that is evident in every detail: high-class design and upscale furnishings and fittings at every point in the hotel, the finest materials used across the board to create a  spectacular and meticulous finish.

A stay in paradise

There is a particularly large selection of luxurious rooms, elegant suites, private villas and even unique bungalows that allow you to indulge and feel nature up close and personal. Inside the units you will find designer furniture and state-of-the-art bathrooms, including colorful hot tubs. Outside – tanning beds, gazebos and sun terraces and in most of the units –  even private pools.

Forget about everything, Renew your energy

At the prestigious Elixir Alchemy spa complex, you can take a healthy break from it all and choose from a variety of treatments:  massage treatments, facials with organic herbs and aromatic salts, Ayurvedic treatments by experienced Indian therapists and more.

Time for the family, Time for the soul

At the Amirandes Resort you can choose to bask in the magical views and the quiet or take advantage of the host of sports and attractions in and around the hotel. We have considered both you and our young guests and all that is left is just to enjoy!

  • 70,000 square meters of landscape on the north coast of Crete
  • 3 fully illuminated tennis courts
  • Large football field and playgrounds
  • State-of-the-art fitness facilities
  • Grecoland Kids’ Club and separate children’s pools. The children’s complexes are active throughout the day.
  • Water Sports Center (Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking)

Tennis Courts

Private Beaches

Variety of Spa treatments


Kids’ Club

Accommodation and Kashrut

A Culinary Celebration

Enjoy a whirlwind gastronomic experience throughout your stay with gourmet meals by international chefs and pastry chefs. The richness of flavors and aromas, elegant plating and endless choice will make every meal a happy memory. Tour Plus’s world famous pancakes will also be waiting for you there…

Our team of chefs and pastry chefs have prepared a very rich menu for you. At mealtimes, you will enjoy a plethora of dishes made from only the finest ingredients. During Yom Tov and Shabbat meals we will be honored to present you with classics from the full diversity of the Jewish kitchen that will remind you of the taste of home.

Full Board

Under the Supervision of Reb Nechemia Rottenberg

Glatt Mehadrin, Non-Gebroks, Shmura Matzah

Never a Dull Moment with Tour Plus


Monday | 17 Nissan - 18/04/22

Kritsa village, 'Spinalonga' Lepers Island and the town of Agios Nikolaos.

Let’s start the day by stopping at the picturesque village of Kritsa, which sits on the slopes of Mount Kastellos. We will stroll around its colorful alleys. Our next stop will be Plaka, there we will board a fishing boat and sail to Spinalonga Island, which was built by the Venetians and also known as the Leper Island. It is so named because here the lepers of Crete and the rest of Greece were forced to live in quarantine until 1957. We will wander around the island and explore the restored Venetian fortress. We’ll return back to Plaka and drive to the town of Agios Nikolaos, which is a beautiful and inviting seaside town. It is considered an attractive tourist destination that still manages to maintain a calm, typical Greek Atmosphere. We will tour the charming downtown full of colorful cafés and nice little shops.

Tour leave: 10:00, Estimated return time: 18:30
Adult: 55 € / Child: 50 €

Tuesday | 18 Nissan - 19/04/22

Lasithi Plateau and Diktaion Andron Cave

Today we drive south towards the Lasithi Plateau, a high and beautiful green plateau. This area is famous for the Venetian windmills scattered around it since the 15th century. Today, only a few remain here, preserved in their classic design. As we ascend to the plateau, we will stop at an impressive view point of the valley and the sea. We’ll drive down into the green valley towards the Diktaion Antron stalactite cave which is also called ‘Zeus Cave’ because Greek mythology believes it is the birthplace of Zeus. The cave itself is very cool and beautiful and has stalactites in various shapes. On our way back we will stop in the village of Tzermiado to see typical village life and enjoy the local craftsmanship in all its varieties.

Tour leave: 10:00, Estimated return time: 18:30
Adult: 55 € / Child: 50 €

Wednesday | 19 Nissan - 20/04/22

On this day you can choose between two attractive destinations - Option A

Option A – Heraklion city tour

Today we will visit Heraklion, the capital of Crete and the largest city on the island. It is a port city, which is full of fascinating sites. We will tour the old city and the vibrant harbor area. At the entrance to the port we will see the beautiful 16th century Venetian citadel and its fortifications overlooking the harbor and the city. We will continue to the main market which is a great destination for shopping lovers, providing an authentic shopping experience.

Tour leave: 10:00, Estimated return time: 14:30
Adult: 50 € / Child: 45 €

Wednesday | 19 Nissan - 20/04/22

On this day you can choose between two attractive destinations - Option B

Option B – Crete Aquarium

The aquarium is a new site in the area, and definitely worth a visit. Great efforts were investment in the building and it is located in ​​the marine research station ‘Thalassocosmos’ area. Crete, as a water-bound island, prioritizes teaching about the marine life around it, and invites you to a fascinating encounter with it. Visitors meet with deep sea creatures, sharks and other predators, coral reefs, a spectacular view of the jellyfish world and a colorful encounter with tropical fish.

Tour leave: 10:00, Estimated return time: 14:30
Adult: 50 € / Child: 45 €

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