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Schloss Hotel & Spa
Pontresina, Switzerland
The hotel is open between the dates of 2/8/23 – 23/8 Av 15-Elul 6
vacation packages including flights:  2.8 – 9.8 ,9.8 – 16.8 ,16.8 – 23.8
Under the supervision of Rabbi Pinchas Leibush Padwa of Amsterdam.

We are honored to host the
HaGaon Rav Asher Weiss Shlita, 
that will give shiurim the entire period.

Enjoy all the worlds that Switzerland has to offer only a 5-minute drive from St. Moritz to Pontresina

Schloss Hotel & Spa Pontresina

Engedin St. Moritz

Tour plus customers in Switzerland

Receive a complementary PASS card from us

The Pass gives access to all public transportion in Engedin (€280 value)

We have chosen the most attractive options that will give you access to as many sites in the St Moritz area at the lowest price

St. Moritz – Corviglia
Zuoz – Pizzet/Albanas
Müsella – La Punt
Bügls – S-chanf
Bernina Heliski
Diavolezza e Mottas-Muragl

Nestled in-between snow-capped peaks and green valleys

Pontresina in the Engedin region of Switzerland  is an enchanting village situated just 5 minute drive from St. Moritz.  Pointresina is surrounded by forests. Above the forests lie snowy mountain ridges. Amazing clear lakes are plentiful in the area. Not to be forgotten is the most important quality of the Swiss Alps- the incomparable cool Swiss mountain air.

The entire Engedin region is filled with the natural beauty of snowy mountain peaks, lakes, and forests. The region's landscape is truly breathtaking. Picturesque villages and towns are a fabulous backdrop for the elegance of the renowned resorts of St. Moritz and its world class attractions.

Affluent jews from all over the world have for many years spent summer vacations in St. Moritz. The promenade encircling the lake offers a smooth easy route for people of all ages to marvel at the regions beauty. Intense excursions to the mountains are offered to the adventurous.  The many summer mountain attractions, luxurious shops, and bright welcoming atmosphere have made this the most desirable tourist resort area in Switzerland.

The pastoral village of Pointresina is near to many tourist sites. The location offers a variety of amusement options of all kinds. Pontresina is a wonderful family friendly location from which to take fascinating trips encompassing nature and culture.

 Amongst the many local attractions: the Bernina Express ‘roller coaster’ railway, a trip up the Diavolezza glacial mountain, the Morteratsch Glacier, the Italian town of Livigno – a ski resort during the winter and the world’s largest ‘duty free’ zone during the summer. Recommended is a trip through the most beautiful valleys in the region, cable car ride to Bad-Signal, the ski lifts at Corviglia. It is possible to cross the mountain pass from Maloja to Italy and pay a visit to Lecco on the shore of Lake Como. Alternatively you can take a cruise on Lake Lugano to the charming old city of Campione d'Italia.

We are proud to announce that On Shabbat Parshat "Shoftim" (1-2 Elul/Aug 18-19), the world-famous Chazan Yitzchak Meir Helfgott will be gracing us with his presence.  In addition to the regular minyan, a special Chazanus minyan will take place.

Royal hospitality

Schloss Hotel & Spa PONTRESINA

The hotel is situated in the heart of the Alps, in the area of Lake St. Moritz . The Schloss Hotel and Spa looks out over stunning lakes and the mountains of Bernina, welcoming vacationers to enjoy an unforgettable summer holiday. The hotel was originally constructed at the end of the nineteenth century as a castle. The hotel was renovated recently. The hotel is a true 4-star deluxe hotel offering guests a magnificent holiday experience with spacious rooms. Large and luxurious suites are available with excellent views, All rooms have been updated with modern contemporary design. The hotel provides sumptuous, pleasant, and relaxing environment.

Hotel Facilities:

  • Spacious and elegant lobby
  • Large and lavish halls and dining rooms
  • Large events lounge with a modern design that is innovative and opulent
  • Synagogue
  • Children's play area
  • An enclosed outdoor terrace overlooking the tranquil panorama
  • 3 tennis courts, a beach volleyball court and climbing wall
  • Spa, sauna, jacuzzi with a relaxation room
  • Covered heated swimming pool – separate bathing only

A Kosher Hospitality Base

Culinary celebration

In accordance with the very best and luxurious tradition of Tour-Plus, you will experience the culinary celebration and gourmet meals served in a variety of styles and, of course, fine Italian food befitting the St. Moritz  region. Everything is strictly Glatt Kosher Mehadrin by Rabbi Pinchas Leibush Padwa Shlita.

Accommodation at the hotel is half-board during the week with coffee & cakes available throughout the day. On Shabbat, delicious full board catering is provided with a lavish Kiddush, a trip highlight.

half Board

Kosher Le'Mehadrine

Special chef

Never a dull moment with Tour Plus

So what do we have planned for you?

Arrival day (Wednesday) - Tel Aviv, Milan Pontresina Tel Aviv Milan airport Pontresina

From Ben Gurion Airport we will take off to Milan. After landing we will go to our hotel located in the Engadin Valley area near St. Moritz which has been famous for over 100 years as a meeting place for European aristocracy in the heart of the Alps. After arriving at the hotel we will receive rooms and a hot dinner.

Please bring food and drink for the first day until our arrival to the hotel

Trip 1 (Thursday) - Diavolezza Bernina Express Livigno

After a short ride we will get on the cable car and climb to the Diaboltsa glacier – an impressive glacier that allows a spectacular view of the high Alps, while viewing expanses of ice and snow in the middle of summer. We will continue on the most famous mountain railway in the world "The Bernina Express" for a ride through the forests and lakes towards the passes of the Alps to the town of Poschiavo, where our bus will be waiting, with the help of which we will cross the border into Italy to the town of Livigno – a ski town in winter And the biggest duty free in the world in the summer.

Trip 2 (Friday) - Valfex Chantarella St. Moritz

A short drive will bring us to the most beautiful valley in the Valfex area, a walk of about an hour (beginning at the top of the valley), will bring us to a majestic view, and to one of the sources of the Inn river that starts in the valley and ends in the Danube. We will walk up the valley.

We will go to St. Moritz Bad and from there we will take the cable car to Signal and after a walking route on the tops of the mountains above St. Moritz we will reach Chantarella on the way back we will take the train that will bring us back to the center of St. Moritz.

As time permits, we will tour the town of St. Moritz and get to a view of the beautiful lake near the town.


After our lavish kiddush shabbos morning, we take a walking tour along the riverside near the hotel and we will return through the center of Fonterzina.

Trip 3 (Sunday) - Celerina Piz Nair St. Moritz Sils

We will use the strength we gained during the Shabbat rest for a trip to the heights of the Engadin Valley. A few minutes drive will bring us to Celerina and from there we will take a carriage to Marguns and continue to qualify by chairlift to Corviglia and from there we will continue in a large carriage to Piz Nair, the peak above St. Moritz which is over 3,000 meters high, and is a meeting place for the Alpine Ibex. After the descent we will have a lunch break by the lake in St. Moritz and a light walk around the lake. From there we will continue to the town of Sils and go up to Furtschellas.

Trip 4 (Monday) - Chur Churwalden Viamala Schlucht

We will leave the St. Moritz area and go through the Julier Pass in the direction of the narrow and deep part of the Hinterrhein River, which is one of the tributaries of the Rhine River, and we will visit the Viamala Schlucht, a canyon 300 meters deep, the narrow gap between the rock walls, and the narrow strip of sky seen above are a spectacular and unforgettable sight will be forgotten From there we will go to the capital city of the canton of Kur, located on the banks of the Rhine river, we will visit the center of the city, which is considered the oldest in Switzerland, and we will go through the city's shopping center. From there we will continue to visit the Churwalden area, and ski the longest mountain slide (Speedy Fun) in Switzerland.

Trip 5 (Tuesday) - Silvaplana Corvatsch Muottas Muragl

A short drive will bring us to the ski town of Silvaplana, and from there we will take two cable cars to a height of 3,303 meters to Mount Korvech, a mountain covered in snow and ice all year round. After the descent, we will have a lunch break on the shore of the lake and watch the many drones sailing over the lake. At the end of the day, we will take the old funicular train to Mutas Moral for a view of all Engadin lakes.

Departure day (Wednesday) - Lago di como Bellagio Como , Milan airport

We will leave the hotel early in the morning (5:00 am) and make our way towards Malpensa airport in Milan for the flight that will take us back home.
Estimated departure time: 11:20.flight that will take us back home.


  • There may be changes in the routes, depending on the weather conditions, the place of landing and/or take-off, the flight hours and other technical changes.
  • You must stock up on kosher food for the first day before arriving at the hotel.
  • There is no obligation to take out all the trips above in all vacation cycles. The trips are subject to a minimum number of participants.
  • The program is subject to changes regarding the order of the trips and the days of the week in which the trips will be held.
  • When ordering a travel package in advance, there is no credit for unused trips.
  • The trip on the last day is a bonus trip and is not included in the trip pricing. Changing the route or canceling it is subject to the sole discretion of the company, and the company is obliged to provide transfers only to the airport.
  • T.L.H

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