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Inbal Jerusalem

Kosher Hotel on Shavuot  – Jerusalem Rabbinate, Glatt Mehadrin

The powerful experience unique to Jerusalem cannot be explained in words. It is a feeling that is felt in the air. The sanctity and seal of history that envelops every stone and alley in this special hit city are what make every visit to it time and time again a fascinating experience that has it all. It has cultures, colors, scents and sounds that are unique only to it, and together weave a rare mosaic of experiences you will never forget.

Renovated and spacious rooms
Prayers with experienced prayer leaders – a quorum that has become a long-standing tradition
Spectacular Jerusalem courtyard
Elegant synagogue in the hotel

Inbal, located in the navel of Jerusalem, is immersed in a pulsating setting designed by history and is one of the most luxurious luxury hotels in the city. The hotel has a variety of suites and luxury rooms suitable for all types of visits – family vacation, couple or business trip and it offers a luxurious conference and event center for large or authentic events. The hotel's perfect location is the ultimate gateway to all over the city, from which you can set out to explore the magical secrets of Jerusalem and experience it in full force.

Accommodation on a half board or full board basis

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